Toan Nguyen Le

Haul Unveils AB5 Flexible Solution for Fleets Operators

Haul, a digital employment platform for CDL truck drivers that connects trucking companies with drivers, today unveiled their new AB5 Flexible Solution for fleet operators looking to get compliant with AB5 in California. This new offering will allow owner-operators to become employed with Haul while still retaining their owner-operator model with their equipment.

“Haul has created a unique solution in the marketplace that is flexible to the needs of the fleet operators while ensuring compliance with California’s AB5 law,” said Timothy-James Henry, Haul CEO, and Co-founder. “We are dedicated to ensuring that fleet operators can become compliant with California’s AB5 regulations quickly and eliminate the risk of misclassifying workers.”

Back in 2019, California passed AB5 as a law that restricts businesses from classifying workers as independent contractors under an “ABC” criteria. This has forced companies to transition their business models from independent contractors to employees, On June 30th, 2022, the Supreme Court lifted the injunction protecting owner-operators and the fleets who utilize them. Fleet operators risk costly penalties of up to $25,000 per infraction for not complying with the California AB5 law.

Haul’s AB5 Flexible Solution works with the fleet to transition fleet operators from independent contractors to full-time Haul drivers. Those drivers are completely dedicated to that company. Haul is responsible for everything employment-related from, payroll, and benefits, to workers compensation and unemployment insurance. Haul also offers additional services to fleet operators including access to Haul’s digital talent network of certified and vetted drivers, compliance and credentialing service, and an unparalleled technological platform.