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  • Haul without owning your own truck
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Choice & Flexibility

Select your own route and schedule with full-time and part-time opportunities.

Coverage & Benefits

Benefits follow you from job to job, so when things change, your benefits don't.

Instant Pay

Stop waiting for checks. Haul drivers can cash out as soon as you clock out.

Only Apply Once

No more re-applying to jobs with the same information. Create your profile once and we'll do the rest.

Get Qualified

Fill in your information just once and we’ll create a profile that pre-qualifies you for CDL jobs.

Set Your Schedule

Maximize assignments that work around your schedule.

Get Matched with Jobs

Discover CDL jobs near you that work with your schedule. Haul without owning your own truck.

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Albert Flores
Driver with more than 13 years

I have not been home on the weekends for the past 5 years. I'd love to be home on Sundays, going to church with my family. Service like Haul would give me that choice.