With truck driver shortage still a sticking point in the industry, transporter jobs remain a lucrative spot to explore. In 2018, for instance, Werner Enterprises spent a whopping $30 million on salary increases. That lumpsum boosted their truck driver’s rate-per-mile and therefore truck driver salary by 11 percent. So what are your options if you come onboard?

NOTE: All our discussions and estimates below are based on wage data from Werner Enterprises.

Trucking jobs salaries by type of truck driver

PA Transporter on Orientation

As you launch a career in the sector, your employer will subject you to a novice training program. This often involves driving alongside an experienced truck driver. Most carriers insist on a fixed salary like $400-$550/week in the first month of training. Moving forward, you can begin earning per mile.

Solo OTR Truck Driver

These transporters make a larger portion of the labor force, and their salaries vary based on employer bonuses. On average, you stand to earn about $40,000 in year one of your career.

Team OTR Driver

Teaming up with another driver is beneficial because you cover more miles without straining. Your colleague takes the wheel as you take a nap. In the end, you divide the total mileage by two and share earnings. This approach can earn you up to $100,000-$150,000 per year!

Dedicated Transporter

Dedicated transporters focus on handling carrier tasks for specific clients or companies. Their deliveries follow a defined route and schedule, unlike other drivers who travel around the country. While a CDL job guarantees more home time and less work, you may not earn as much as a Solo or Team OTR hauler. Annual earnings vary from $40,000 to $70,000.

Transporter Trainer

Years of hauling can earn you lots of experience, which you can sell for a living. Trainer truckers help companies train and prepare new drivers for the road. Most companies insist on having a trainer drive alongside their new driver until the supervisor confirms their prowess. Expect anything from $60,000-$80,000 per year, but nothing is written in stone.

Owner-Operator truck driver

Owner-operators run their trucking companies. Being an owner means you determine your per-mile rate by eliminating brokers and entering direct deals with businesses. A trucking firm’s earning potential is $100,000 per year or more.

The bottom line

There are numerous pros to offering truck driver services. Apart from occupational security, you get paid to tour the country, get bonuses, and enjoy compensation if you suffer injuries at work. A trucker can earn anything from $400 per week to $100,000 per year depending on their employer, job type, experience, etc. You, too, can earn your Class A CDL license and launch your transporter career. Remember to consider the mentioned salary factors before committing to any contract.

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