Local commercial driver’s license (CDL) jobs are an attractive option for applicants due to their benefits over longer-haul trucking. Local CDL jobs usually have shorter workdays, and you often only travel within a 200-mile radius. From great health benefits to a more regular Monday through Friday schedule, there are a handful of reasons why qualified drivers may prefer these opportunities.

When considering what is right for you, think about what you value most on the job. CDL drivers often spend more time loading and unloading their trailers due to the shorter trips, which can help you move around more than other trucking gigs. Consider how much daily home time is valuable to you, especially if you have a family at home. You may find that local CDL driving is an excellent fit for your lifestyle.

Why work local CDL jobs

When looking at local CDL jobs, there are many potential reasons why it may be the best workplace format for you. Some drivers find better economic opportunities through local companies and improved health benefits such as dental and life insurance. While some benefits will differ depending on company policy, local CDL drivers often are attracted by a few main factors:

Go home at the end of the day

Being able to go home after a long day of driving can be a huge deal. From sleeping in your own bed to spending more time with family, there are many benefits to being at home more often. When you spend time at home, vacation benefits from jobs can go to actual traveling vacations rather than just catching up with the family and recharging.

Avoid long trips

Long trips can be demanding on CDL drivers. Driving frequently for long periods can be both stressful and hard on your health. When you drive local jobs, you often end up sleeping at home and having access to a kitchen where you can prepare healthy meals.

Make great money

While different companies have varying pay scales, local CDL driving can pay well and can come with some great benefits. Many driving companies offer competitive health insurance, vision insurance, disability, company-matched 401ks, and prescription benefits. Though local CDL jobs have fewer miles and thus don’t always pay as much as long-distance drives, competitive companies will pay a lot of money for drivers with clean driving records with no violations such as DUIs.

Don’t need your own truck

Many local jobs offer their own vehicles for delivery, meaning you don’t have to finance your own truck. When you don’t have to make that significant initial investment and worry about paying it off, it can further incentivize a CDL role. While there are some benefits to having your own rig and setup, most of these aren’t crucial in local CDL driving since you will most likely be going home at the end of the night.

How to find local CDL jobs

There are multiple ways to find local CDL jobs, from networking to searching online. Depending on where you live, qualified applicants may discover quite a few options for immediate job openings due to high demand. The best way to find local CDL positions will vary depending on your region, but there are a few tried-and-true methods:


Haul is a job site designed specifically for drivers looking to find local CDL jobs without having to own a truck. You can select your own route and schedule with full-time and part-time opportunities. With Haul, benefits follow you from job to job, so when things change, your benefits remain the same.

Social media and CDL job forums 

Reaching out on social media or local CDL job forums is another great way to network and find new positions. Not all positions make it to internet job sites, so trying to get an “in” from someone you know or connect with online can help you get jobs you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Social media is a great option to see if friends or past coworkers have any suggestions, and CDL job forums have a more concentrated focus where you may be able to find opportunities.

Ask your friends & family

Reach out personally to friends and family who know people in the business. You never know what jobs you may come across by using your personal connections. When contacting friends and family, casually bring the topic up and see if they have any interesting links to the industry.

Attend the proper driving schools and have a license

There are a handful of steps you need to take to drive for local CDL jobs. First, you must go to an approved CDL program. Programs to get your CDL last anywhere from three to six weeks, and some companies will offer a tuition reimbursement program if you commit to driving with them after you earn your CDL. 

Once you have passed the program and exams, you have to present proper documentation and go through a background check and the DOT medical exam. The physical will include a drug screen per DOT standards, and most jobs will also require a pre-employment drug screen. Once you finish these steps, you will gain your CDL license.

Where to look online for local CDL jobs

Finding local CDL jobs online can be easy if you use the correct search terms. Just Googling for job ads can lead to you having to sift through a ton of less-ideal postings. By using specific job boards, you can use queries to find relevant job postings. Whether looking for full-time class A tractor driving positions or a job transporting mail with a stable weekly schedule, these sites will help you find what you need.


Indeed is the largest job board website in the world. The board updates frequently is completely free for job applicants and doesn’t require an account to apply. Indeed is also easy to navigate and search, making finding the perfect CDL job easier.


FlexJobs helps job seekers find more flexible and remote opportunities. The job site has a subscription of $14.95 for a one-month membership, but it uses that money to help research and vet all postings, so you know that all postings are safe and legitimate. Remote.co is FlexJob’s free sister site, but it often doesn’t have as many opportunities.


ZipRecruiter is similar to Indeed but is known to have a better phone application interface. The site puts a bit more weight on filling out a profile for jobs to find you, but your best bet will be to search as you would with Indeed or another job board site. ZipRecruiter is totally free for applicants.


LinkedIn profiles are a great way to network and have a digital resume that you can give out, but did you know it is also a great job-seeking platform? You can apply to open positions on the site with your LinkedIn profile, and you also can get discovered by recruiters. LinkedIn is free but has a premium option with some handy features like seeing other position applicants.


Craigslist is a free job board like many of these other sites but has fewer filters and specific search functionality. While being less user-friendly, it can be a great place to find jobs that don’t make it to other boards. Take caution and ensure that the posts you respond to seem legitimate.

Commonly asked questions about local CDL jobs

How much do local CDL truck drivers make?

According to Zippia, the average local truck driver makes about $54,000 a year, or $26.39 per hour.

Do local truck drivers make good money?

Yes, especially if they work in the most profitable sectors like transportation and retail. The top 10% of local truck drivers, according to Zippia, make $71,000 a year.

How much do local truck drivers make a week?

A weekly local truck driver’s salary ranges from $1,000/week to $1,420/week.

How many hours a week do local truck drivers work?

How many hours a local truck driver works depends entirely on the company. The local CDL job average ranges anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week.


Local CDL jobs offer many benefits over longer-haul options, including the ability to come home at the end of the day. As you search for your next CDL job, consider what factors are most important to you in your work and if these positions may be a good fit for you. The benefits and pay of CDL jobs vary dramatically from position to position, so carefully weigh the pros and cons of every company posting before applying.

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