Timothy Henry

How-To Find Truck Driving Jobs

It can be a pain to locate truck driving jobs near you. You try searching trucking companies near me only to find a lot of different websites. No matter if you have a Class A or a Class B CDL, it can be a long and frustrating process. Here is some helpful information to use with your trucking jobs search when you’re ready for a new driving job.


Typical Process For Locating Truck Driving Jobs


  1. You start your search for truck driver CDL jobs by visiting a bunch of different websites.
  2. Often, you have to apply to different jobs on different truck driving job boards. Each of these contains different application processes.
  3. So, you may apply for 10 different jobs on three sites, and often each site makes you input the same information repeatedly. Maybe if you’re lucky, one of the sites will save your information to use for the next application.
  4. Then, you wait to hear back from the companies.
  5. After that, some companies respond and want you to go through tasks like phone screenings, submitting additional information, in-person interviews, and job offers.


The national average salary for a CDL truck driver is $20 per hour. The average time spent closing in a job is 3 weeks. At a potential 40 hours per week of work lost waiting to get hired, we’re looking at an estimated potential loss of $2,400 in income for truck drivers looking for a job.

Restarting From the Beginning


You pick a fleet with an assignment that you think you’ll like only to find out that it’s not a good fit for you or your driving career. It can be frustrating to start the search over again, but it’s better than staying in a job you’re unhappy with when other opportunities are waiting for you.


So, you start at step one again, trying to locate driving jobs on different job boards. This means you’re back to having to enter your information all over again for each of the different sites you want to use. It doesn’t have to be this way for you.


Haul’s Streamlined Process


Before you enter the phrase “CDL jobs near me” into your favorite search bar, you should consider streamlining your process with Haul.


What if you could skip the time-consuming application portion of the job search process and move straight to working with interested trucking companies without the rigamarole of a typical job search?


You won’t have to enter the same information over and over into different forms to apply on all of the different job boards.


Here’s how finding a CDL truck driver job with Haul works:

  1. You enter your information once to get qualified for a Haul profile. This profile serves as your application for all of the carriers that use Haul drivers. No more having to input everything again if your next driving job doesn’t work out.
  2. You’re able to set your own schedule with Haul that will be used when it comes time to look for matching jobs. You will be able to maximize the jobs that work in your schedule.


All without owning your own truck.


Enjoy The Haul Difference


The Haul difference offers so much more than an easy-to-use job search. You will enjoy being able to select your own schedule and having a choice when it comes to your routes. No matter what fleet you’re driving for, your benefits and coverage through Haul stay the same.


Easily keep track of your earnings and schedule. You won’t have to worry about losing out on your benefits or having to restart waiting periods to be eligible. All of the carriers that Haul works with have the same standards, so your profile will keep you eligible for any of the potential routes offered by the carriers that use Haul.    


Your search for truck driver jobs shouldn’t have to be so time-consuming. Haul’s app can help you to spend less time while being able to achieve the same results as the old process for looking for CDL driver jobs. 

Looking for a CDL truck driver job near you?

Haul is currently hiring CDL drivers for multiple trucking jobs in California, Texas, and Georgia. If you’re interested in a truck driving jobs, go on haulwith.us to get matched with CDL jobs now, or download our app to find your next trucking job.