John Pate Hamilton

Haul Launches Industry-First Personalized Job Recommendations for All Users!

Find the best jobs based on your personalized preferences on our Haul app!

Big news! Haul is launching an industry first program to provide customized job recommendations for CDL drivers on the hunt. We use our proprietary algorithms to show you the jobs that fit into your life the best.

We worked with our drivers to make the feature as intuitive as possible. Setting it up is simple:

Step 1

Click on the new “For You” tab at the top of the jobs list.

Step 2

Fill our a quick preferences survey to tell us about what you like. Don’t worry you can change these any time!

Step 3

That’s it! Your unique For You feed will automatically update with the jobs that fit best into your life.

The best part? For You is already live in app for all users, no updates necessary! We’re excited hear how personalized job recommendations make life on the road a little easier. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback on how we can improve the feature. At Haul we want to make it as easy as possible to find jobs for the driven.

Happy Hauling,

The Haul Team